Welcome to my hockey photos. I play in the various leagues in the bay area, and when I got sick and could not play, I decided to take pictures of my teammates. After the first few attempts, I decided that my nifty point and shoot camera could not handle hockey shots. I upgraded my setup, and $10,000+ and over 100,000 frames later, I can now take decent pictures. I hope you enjoy these ice hockey shots!

Please contact me if you want me to come to your game or want individual pictures in the galleries. Unlike traditional photographers who sell only prints, I provide the digital images files for personal use such as team web pages and personal prints. In addition, I offer an on-line photo gallery that can be easily shared with others. As an adult hockey player, I understand that it is very difficult to get good pictures of yourself during a game since most professional photographers concentrate on kids games.

These galleries are a mixture of commissioned games and games that I have watched at the various rinks across the bay area. I shoot with each game with a different intent. At some games, I aim to capture the positions and movements of the players for training purposes and review. While at other games, I want individual to have a great portrait of themselves that they can share with others. Enjoy.

*The arrow keys on the keyboard can be used to navigate between pictures.