Pirates vs. Loral Space: April 13, 2008Pirates vs. Usual Suspects: April 6, 2008Pirates vs. Loral Space: Jan 13, 2008Jackalopes vs. Enforcers: Jan 13, 2008Black Ice vs. Black and Blue: January 6, 2008Pirates vs. Usual Suspects: Dec. 16, 2007Grizzlies vs. Black Ice: Dec. 16, 2007Pirates vs. Red Baron: Dec. 9, 2007Grizzlies vs. Black and Blues: Dec. 9, 2007Pirates vs. Genentech: Nov. 4, 2007Genentech vs. Red Baron: Oct. 28, 2007Pirates vs. Usual Suspects: Oct. 28, 2007Pirates vs. Usual Suspects: September 16, 2007Pirates vs. Jets: September 9, 2007Pirates vs. Warriors: September, 2, 2007Usual Suspects vs. Warriors: Aug. 12, 2007Pirates vs. Loral Space: August 19, 2007Usual Suspects vs. Warriors: August 29, 2007Pirates vs. Usual Suspects: August 12, 2007Blizzard vs. Enforcers: August 6, 2007Jets vs. Warriors: July 8, 2007Pirates vs. Jets: June 24, 2007Short Fuse vs. Blizzard: June 17, 2007Cougar kids? mites? June 17, 2007Jets vs. Loral Space: June17,2007Pirates vs. Loral Space: June 3, 2007Warriors vs. Usual Suspects: June 3, 2007Pirates vs. Loral Space: April 24, 2007Pirates vs. Short Fuse: April 15, 2007Pirates vs. Blizzard: March 25, 2007Warriors vs. Enforcers: March 25, 2007Pirates vs. Enforcers: Feb 25, 2007Flip Wilson vs. Jets: January 7, 2007Pirates vs. Warriors: January 7, 2007Rebellion vs. Jackalopes: Dec. 17, 2006Pirates vs. Blizzard: Dec 10, 2006Pirates vs. Enforcers: Dec 3, 2006Pirates vs. Warriors: Nov 5, 2006Enforcers vs Short Fuse: Nov. 5, 2006Pirates vs. Enforcers: Oct 15, 2006 -- Pre-seasonCaliforniens vs. Short Fuse: Oct 1, 2006 -- PlayoffsPHA Winter Try Outs: September 26, 2006Californiens vs. Panthers: August 27, 2006Pirates vs. Red Rum: August 20, 2006Californiens  vs. ShortFuse: August 20, 2006Pirates vs. Enforcers: Aug 13, 2006Californiens vs Blizzard: August 6, 2006Flip Wilson vs. Black and Blues: July 30, 2006Loral Space vs. Usual Suspects: July 23, 2006Bulldogs vs. Blizzard: July 23, 2006Bull Dogs vs. Panthers May 29, 2006Pirates vs. Usual Suspects May 7, 2006Pirates vs. Suspects - April 9, 2006 Championship GamePirates vs. Loral Space May 28, 2006Pirates vs. Usual Suspects June 18, 2006Bulldogs vs Californiens June 18, 2006