I am granting a non-commercial personal license for the nine galleries from the Las Vegas Women’s Hockey Classic 2012 galleries. Translations: You can blog the, e-mail them to family, post them on fb, etc.

Note: I rarely do this since I pay for the bandwidth, camera insurance, repairs, software, etc. Plus, it just takes ton of time and lots effort to do this. I lugged my camera gear along with my hockey gear to vegas, went to every game that I could and spent every night since I’ve back by editing and processing. I did this for all of you. Enjoy! :-)

* Left/right arrows can also be used to navigate between the images.
* Clicking on the image will open a larger version
* There is a menu flyout when you mouse over the image on the top right hand side of the image; there will download button for that image. I do not recommend you download the entire gallery since a few galleries contain a few gigabytes of photos.

It was a pleasure playing with all of you. Until next year….