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This is a collection of some of the hockey photos that I like.

Unlike most photographers who only show their best work, I display most of my images because they can tell an individual or team something. I post photos that may have something technically wrong with them (focus, exposure, etc) because even an imperfect photo can be used to illustrate a hockey technique or position.

I have posted over 30,000+ frames of hockey shots and only recently started pulling out some of my favorites. There are many more great ones in the galleries, but this are just a few that appeal to me.

These shots were taken in a live game setting and not posed or staged in any way. They were mostly taken behind the scratched safety glass, through the netting or from the stands.

Enjoy! I shoot because I love the hockey and share with others because each moment is special during the game. And I'll add to this as I find shots that I like...
Still going after the puck after being knocked down to the iceGiving the stare-downChristian EhrhoffTomas PlihalFish-y eye view of the shark's world